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    Space Between Header and Detail in Report

    I am working on a report and I have it set to display a report header, a page header, and a one more header for the main grouping that causes a page break.

    Under the main grouping, I have the detail.

    I have all of the text at the bottom of the main grouping header butted up to the grey bar that says "detail" and the text in the detail section butted up to the top so that it touches the grey bar that says "detail". Despite this, there is still a big space between the detail section and the main grouping header section. Is there any way that I can reduce that space? I thought by moving the text as far as it would go to either side of the grey bar that says "detail" would fix the problem but it is not.

    Is there any way that I can change the amount of space between the detail and the header section?


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    It should be all graphical. Make a copy of the report and remove the MainGrouping section. Is there still a problem?

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    put record selectors to form properties....! and try it out...

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    eventhough you have put the text on the butt of each header, you should not forget the spaces left from your text to the footer bars, because that would also leave spaces.

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