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    Setting up relational database

    I'm new to Access and trying to setup a database for my Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Company while keeping my sanity. Currently I have a CustomerT, ProjectT (set up the same as typical Orders table), and many tables with products (ToiletT, VanityT, ShowerDoorT, etc). The reason I set it up this way was because many of the fields will be different for each catagory (ToiletsT will have Shape and Color while ShowerDoor will have Glass and Finish and so on.). I can't figure out a way to relate the 40+ product tables to the CustomerT and ProjectT tables. Should I just have one product table and then have a description table for each product as well? Not sure how to do that if that's the right way...Any help before I pull the rest of my hair out would be much appreciated.


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    Hi aceoftrades,

    Welcome to this great forum!!

    From what you describe in your note, the 40plus tables should all be linked to the ProjectT table and only the this table will be linked to the CustomerT table only for projects for that Customer.

    What you could do is combine all your products into one table, then setup tables for Color, finishing type etc. This would make it easier to handle, this would be my approach, anyone else with more experience, please chime in.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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