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    Pull records only when a specific field are blank

    I would like to create a report that only pulls records that are assoiciated with a blank field.

    EX: I want to show all records that do not have a report received date entered

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    You will need to create a query that pulls the records from the applicable table where the report received date field is null

    SELECT (fields you want)
    FROM YourTableName
    WHERE [ReportReceivedDateField] is null

    You will then base your report on the above query.

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    A smal correction
    Above codwe pull only records where WHERE [ReportReceivedDateField] is null
    In case the the data is entered and later deleted in ReportReceivedDateField than these will not appear in report
    so use
    SELECT (fields you want)
    FROM YourTableName
    WHERE [ReportReceivedDateField] is null Or [ReportReceivedDateField] Like " "

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