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    Access generating random numbers


    New to this forum but have been using access for some years, I have recently come across a problem with a db installed on a clients machine. The machine is running win7 Pro, it has an Access2003 db and runtime installed. There is no Virtual Directory been created. The problem itself does not happen all the time.

    The Problem:
    There is a product form which after entering a product description runs a macro, the macro uses the recorded (Autonumber) and then adds 0's to the front to create a 6 digit product code, this is used to print a barcode label. What seems to have happened is that access generates an Autonumber of say 2132, and the product field apparently gets populated with a number like 002750. I say apparently because I can't get this to happen on XP or Win7. I have seen the data and there are seemingly random numbers in the fields, although I was only able to find 3, the client has produced labels for about 15. There is one other thing, the product code field is editable as they have the option of using a supplier product code in place of the access generated one.

    So, how does this happen and where are the records with all the other random numbers on?

    I am completely baffled. I did check the PC and was unable to find any other copies of the back end database.

    Any ideas would be helpful.


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    Have you done a Compact and Repair yet? Maybe this link will apply:

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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