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    Complete, noob help with where to start?

    Ok, here is what I got: I have 10 years worth of magazines (3 different publishers, so 30 years worth) that i am putting into an access database (access 2007). These magazines are of Model building (planes, ships, etc). This is my FIRST database I have built and I am 12 magazines into it. Now, here is what I am doing: I am entering each magazine in and important articles. I am also scanning the article to a jpg file and using a hyperlink to link it locally on my pc. This way I can keep my database in a reasonable size.

    Now onto my query question: I want to build a form that visaully is something a normal user could use. I can invision fields that this user can checkmark or fill in search words (like P-51) and it will search the entire database for every article that is related to the word of P-51. This will give a list of items in a way that a normal user can look through and see which article they want to read.. make sense? So, I have been poking around on the internet and undsure if i have to learn VB to do this or not. I am not looking for someone to build it for me but more of a direction where to look. Here are some screen shots to help understand my craziness.
    Here are some screen shots if that helps.
    (above, this is my magazine issue table)
    (above you can see a review table, reviews of models. )
    (above: a table where titles of the article are used on 'how to' do something rather than a unique subject)
    Here is my relational database and its structure.

    I am sorry if these screen shots are to big or i am asking a dumb question. Thank you for your time.


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    Buy a Book

    May I suggest that you go to your local bookseller, Barnes & Noble, etc, and buy "MS Office Access 2003/7 Bible" by Prague, Irwin, and Reardon, $49.99.

    Get the one that matches your Access version. This book is well written and easy to follow with a great index. This book comes with a pretty good CD that you can use to learn Access.

    Another more basic is "MS Office Access 2003/7 All-In-One Desk Reference for Dummies", $29.99.

    Tip - Forget "Spread Sheet" Learn "DataBase". Speaking from experience one simply can not learn Access by trial and error and MS Help is near worthless for newbe's like you and I.

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    thank you very much, i am reading the idiots guide for vba and for just access (forms etc)

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