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    Custum Functions in Query "WHERE" Clause

    I'm trying to use custom functions in a queries WHERE clause.

    In Att 1 & 2. You can see the custom function in "Expr1" and that it works correctly when the output of the function is pasted directley into the where box. Also note, that RunDate() is a custom function and works fine.

    However when I put the function directly into the where box, it returns no records (presumeably because it's comparing [Report Type] to the literal function name.

    I think I understand that the "<" sign is what is making it work for RunDate, can I get the same functionality for non-date fields?

    Background if you care:
    The RunDate in many queries, in case the user wants to simulate running the report on a different date.

    The Report Type needs to be able to change while a form is open. Otherwise I would just set the query def with vba since this is the only query that needs this dynamic filtering.

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    This is a function calling a function to generate the criteria. Would need to analyse code, even better would be to have the project so could test with data.
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