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Date() anomaly

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    Question Date() anomaly

    I have a very strange problem that has completely confused me.

    Having used MANY tables dating back to 2003, etc in Access 2007 with NO problems with the 'Date()' function I am experiencing multiple failures in Access 2010.

    When I first opened these Tables in 2010 the error message 'Unknown function 'Date' in validation expression or default value on tblXXXX' was shown and the Default Value of today's date did not work.

    I have now had to disable the Deafult Value of Date() in these tables.

    Interestingly, NOT all of my tables are affected but the majority alas are.

    There were NO changes made to the tables, the original WORKING databases were simply opened in 2010 after an upgrade.

    Why do I always seem to get such niggles / issues after upgrades?!!

    Any ideas?

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    The usual suspect when a common function fails is a reference issue:
    Paul (wino moderator)
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    Wow, some serious reading material here!

    Have you heard of such problems occurring simply as a result of an upgrade before?


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    For the simmilar situation - using Right or Left functions in query the solution that works fine is described in link sent by Paul (mentioned above).

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