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    Import Excel file to Access


    I am very new to this. I have taken over the responsibilities In my organisation of ensuring that any excel files imported to access can be viewed on an excel spreadsheet which uses a macro.

    The steps involved are:

    1. Excel file imported to Access.
    2. Users have an excel spreadsheet which pulls the information from Access.

    From time to time the table could be missing one row to anything up to 400 rows. I have gone through the source excel file and everything seems fine for import, the files import successfully and they can be viewed in Access. I am not sure if there is an issue between the Excel spreadsheet pulling the info from Access because, as I said, this happens from time to time. If the user who imports the excel file notices that there are rows in a table missing in Access, they will import the file again and all rows will appear but the user may end up having to do this repeatedly which is a waste.

    Has anyone experienced this?

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    Hi everyone,

    I see this ropic has received a good amount of views but no replies. Just to add to this. I have ensure each fields datatypes upon import are correct so Access will import the correct data and not leave anything etc but I still have the problem where lines (rows) of the imported spreadsheet are missing.

    Could this be a case sensitive problem? A colleague suggested that but I am unsure. Any ideas would be a great help.


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    Check you source file, it may have some column contain text and number format data ,and when you try to import into access then it will import only one type of data.


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    Hi Chan,

    Thank you for your reply. Apologies for only getting back to you now. The problem seemed to be cause by leading zeros. This has been corrected and there doesn't seem to be an issue with the source file.

    Thanks again!

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