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    how to prompt user if he already has a record with the same selection in listbox?

    I would like to prompt the user whenever he adds a new record in my form.

    This form has a listbox which users must make a selection.It also has other fields that the user must enter. However, i would like to implement a prompt in the form whereby in the next Add record if the user makes the same selection in the listbox again, he will get a msgbox.

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    Better would be not to allow the selection to begin with. Can use code to modify the combobox RowSource on-the-fly.

    Either way, VBA code is required. Might as well do what is friendlier to the user. Use the Form Current event to requery the combobox. When move to next record, the event will trigger. Of course, this depends on data structure. The combobox RowSource is currently a lookup table? Will probably have to be a join of the lookup table and the target table. The jointype would be 'all records from [lookup table]...' and filter criteria would be under the field from target table of Is Null.

    Otherwise, use DLookup function to check for value in target table and slap user with msgbox if value found, put in BeforeUpdate event.
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