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    Command Button Security

    I developed some database and I put the password on the delete command button. So in order to delete we have to enter password. But I am unable to apply on Save Command Button.. Any other technique ?

    Code for Password Delete Button:

    Private Sub Delete_Click()
    Dim strPassword
    strPasswd = InputBox("Enter Password", "Restricted Access")

    If strPasswd = "" Or strPasswd = Empty Then
    MsgBox "No Input Provided", vbInformation, "Required Data"
    Exit Sub
    End If
    If strPasswd = "ESWErase" Then
    MsgBox "Sorry you do not have access to override", _
    vbOKOnly, "Important Information"
    Exit Sub
    End If
    End Sub

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    The criteria of "" and Empty appear to be the same thing - an empty string. If you want to handle null, use:

    If strPasswd & "" = "" Then

    Is this a command button on a form? Why won't the Save work - error message, wrong results, nothing happens?
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