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    ALready have table from one excel, but need import from another excel


    I have already imported one excel spreadsheet taking a bunch of computers by name, and made a relational database out of it, as several of the fields had the same data in them. I now have a second spreadsheet that mostly matches the computer names from the first database, yet has a different field with a bunch of simiilar entries, and I'd like to "merge" (JOIN) the two spreadsheets' data.

    The first database has a field called OU, a field called Computer and several other fields that don't match up to the second spreadsheet. The second spreadsheet has a field called OU and a field called Computer, and two other fields that need to be linked with the similar data from the first spreadsheet's data that matches by computer name.

    Any help would be appreciated. June7 helped me a lot with setting up forms for the first spreadsheet's database, but now I think I need to setup an import of the data from the second spreadsheet that matches all the data that's in the existing table(s) of OU and Computer, and link seperate tables to the main database based upon the computer name.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Were you able to complete this project of yours - or do you still need help with it?

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    Well, I guess I got it solved under another thread. But thanks for check up on me with this.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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