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    Access database with import excel table slot


    first of all I want to greet you all. This is my first post here.. Horaaay

    I must say I am not found of Access, the last time when I used it it was in middle school :/ but unfortunately because of my job I need to use it more and more... damn databases... hahah...

    My question is, I need to make a database, like a main database where I can import all my data from different excel tables. I know that there is the possibility to import, but the thing is I need to have the ability to choose where to import which column... how to do that?... oh yea all the import excel data should have a separate table in the database and should be also shown in a "main table" where every data should be...

    Thank you all upfront

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    In your Database:
    1. Click External Data on the top.
    2. Click Excel.
    3. Follow the directions given to you by the wizard.
    4. You can save the steps when you're done.

    If this is something you have to do on a regular basis, you can create a Macro - Create -> Macro - and then use the 'ImportExportSpreadsheet' action to specify which spreadsheet you want to import.

    I do this a lot.
    In my Macros, I have Delete Queries that empty the tables in Access - and then I have all these ImportExportSpreadsheet actions that pull the new data in to each table - from different spreadsheets.

    Let me know if you need more help!

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