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    Problem displaying information from a Union query


    The setup: Fish are entered into the database depending on the way information was collected (three different ways). I am trying to write a query that will return a list of species seen for a specific stream in a specific year. I wrote a query for each method to tease out species and then wrote a union query to get a list for the whole stream. The individual queries work great. The union query worked accept it does not give me the species name but the unique identifier it has in the lookup table that I use for data input.

    Stream Test
    Site One
    Method one: Johnny Darter, Common Shiner
    Method two: Brown Trout
    Mehtod three: None

    Site Two
    Method one: Golden Shiner, Common Shiner
    Method two: Brown Trout, Brook Trout
    Method Three: Brook Trout

    After the query is run, I should just get a list of the following species:
    Johnny Darter
    Common Shiner
    Brown Trout
    Golden Shiner
    Brook Trout

    Instead I get this:
    When I look up these numbers in the species table, it matches nicely but I want to just see the species. The numbers have no meaning to me.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Do a query joining the UNION query to the species table.
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