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    password protect form

    so I have an 'admin' form that I need to password protect. I can think of a couple different ways to do this(without user level security, which I'm not prepared to do)

    Any recommendations?

    The form will be access via a switchboard. Better yet, if I could password protect a certain switchboard, than I could put all admin items on that board.


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    Do you want each user to have their own password? Need a table of users and passwords. If just one user (you), can build password in the code. Enter value into textbox. Code checks if match.

    If Me.textbox = "my password" Then

    Be aware, any minimally competent user with access to development tools can view the code.
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    Thats kinda what I had already. Lucky for me they will be using the access runtime and won't have access to the code unless they take the file off onto another machine.


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