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    I've created a DB with a table, a report and an user form, the data entered in the user form would get inserted in to the table, what I need to do is to restrict the users to view only the user form as the interface and not any other object in the DB, I tried the security options but nothing seems to work, can someone help me with the steps involved in this process

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    All you are talking about is securing the database. This can be accomplished at several levels. Uncheck everything in the Startup menu and sat a Startup form in the Startup menu. Tools>Startup... You will need to then make sure that exiting your Startup form will Exit Access. You can still hold down a <SHIFT> key while opening the db to bypass these settings. You can also disable the shift bypass key if you want and lock yourself out of the db if you are not careful. You can take it further by creating an MDE but you need good Error Handling code or the user will be back to the desktop and not know why.

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