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    Order By Problem


    I am working with Access 2003 and have the following problem when I try to order by - WSM Score.

    1) Message box - Enter Parameter value when I click Ok
    2) It is not arranged in WSM Score


    WSM Score

    The order is still retained any help please

    SELECT TblBusTyp.BusinnesType, [%Cri1]*[Weight1] AS [Calc %Cri1], [%Cri2]*[Weight2] AS [Calc %Cri2], [%Cri3]*[Weight3] AS [Calc %Cri3], [%Cri4]*[Weight4] AS [Calc %Cri4], [Calc %Cri1]+[Calc %Cri2]+[Calc %Cri3]+[Calc %Cri4] AS [WSM Score]
    FROM TblBusTyp, QryALLQs
    ORDER BY [WSM Score] DESC;
    Thank you

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    The problem is that the ORDER BY clause is evaluated before the SELECT clause, so aliased field names are unknown at that point. Your simplest solution is probably to leave this query without the sorting, and base a second query on this one and do the sorting there.
    Paul (wino moderator)
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