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    Help - order chasing database

    Hi, i have created a simple database in order for my team of account managers to chase quote approvals from customers

    I import a full list of all open orders into the database and have set up various queries to cut the data by the type of information we are waiting for, or the type of customer etc

    What i would like to do is be able to import the data and then somehow create a "work to" list so to speak which has the open orders which need to be chased, but also adds 4 chaser columns, where they can input the details of when they chased the customer and their initials. If the order gets approved then it wont show up on the next days query, however if it is still on there, i want it to remember the comments already inputted previously. The account manager can then check those 1st chaser comments and chase the order again, this time using the 2nd chaser column etc. This keeps track of all the chasing we are doing

    How would i go about setting up that and linking the columns and making sure they appear when i refresh the raw data?

    would really appreciate some help



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    Were you able to resolve this - or do you still need help with it?

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    Hi Robeen

    I have managed to resolve this - thank you

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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