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    Calculated Total with beginning Value

    Hi, I have a database to keep track of bus drivers' points. For any negative actions, they have points taken away, for any positive, they have points added (I wish this would work for my kids...).

    But now, instead of just coming to a maximum of 30 points before letting that driver go, HR wants it to be more positive.

    I had the expression:
    Total: IIf([TotalPointsForOffense]>0,IIf([TotalPointsGiven]>0,[TotalPointsForOffense]-[TotalPointsGiven],[TotalPointsForOffense]),[TotalPointsGiven])

    This added up all the offense points and subtracted out the given points.

    I changed that to:
    Total: IIf([TotalPointsForOffense]>0,IIf([TotalPointsGiven]>0,[TotalPointsGiven]-[TotalPointsForOffense],[TotalPointsForOffense]),[TotalPointsGiven])

    So now the negative is subtracted from the total with the positives added.

    My dilemma is that we need to start from 95. For example, a driver has 95 points and had a wreck which removed 20 points, ending in 75 points.

    Is there a way to modify the last expression with a beginning quantity?

    Thank you,

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    How about

    Total: 95 - IIf(...)

    or + if the calculation would result in a negative.
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