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    Finding Table Aliases


    I'm using Access 2007 and reviewing a file created by others that has multiple tables and queries.

    When I pull up a given query in design view, the tables are shown as "a", "b", "c", etc., which I believe are aliases, as the actual table titles are longer and more descriptive, e.g., "EmployeeHours". I've search around and haven't been able to find the key that links the alias with the actual table. Where is this found?

    Sorry for the simple question, but I searched the forum and didn't see this issue addressed. Thanks for the help.

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    Either it is in the query you are looking at or there are other queries named a, b etc.
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    Smile Finding Table Aliases

    Thanks Rural Guy.

    There were no queries by that name, but I found the key in the Query SQL View which showed "EmployeeHours as A..."

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