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    Unhappy Blank forms without tables, import

    We are trying to create a form, that does not have a table but will be used to update many tables. It is a REQ form that we have changed into a JPG to import it into Access forms. Our store room needs this exact form but I want our Engineers to fill it out using Access, thus filling the corresponding tables that I have previous created. We can't get it to print on only 1 page, it prints on MANY. Have not even tested to see if we can input data yet let alone changing the txt boxes to combo boxes. Yes we have changes the sheet property size in both the "form" and "detail". It imports at like 17 x 22 but as a PDF,JPG, Excell it is one page.

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    if you go into the properties of the image on the form, you can select between three options, one of which will 'auto-fit' the image onto the form.

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