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    Database Help On Comparing Incoming and Outgoing Material


    I need to create a database that compares quantities. We have a certain number of parts that come in overseas that we have to re-ship out to other customers. However, we need to compare those two incoming and outgoing quantities of each part number.

    I have a sample of what i need it to look like in the screenshot that's attached to this thread. Can someone help? I created a simple database with tables and some queries but i dont really know how to go about doing this.

    So basically, i want to search a part number and it will display in and out quantities according to dates.

    Not sure if that made sense but please help me, I can explain further if needed.

    Been trying to work on a solution for this. Still very new to Access but it's been a learning process and I have been learning a lot.

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    as you can see in that screen shot, I counted how many quantity for that part that came into our warehouse. For example, between the dates of 4/7/08 to 4/10/08, we had a total of 5400 pcs come in. On 4/22/08, 5000pcs was sent to our customer so 400pcs carried over to our next shipment 5/21/08.

    It doesn't have to be that complicated. I actually just want something similar to this where i can see a side by side comparison of the quantities coming in and going out. The access database doesnt have to count what carried over or not.

    Thanks again for your help/advice

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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