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    Help reqd with Count of Similar Vals

    Hi there

    Have a DB that records Business Opportunities and deals. Each opportunity can lead to several deals but at present there is only a deal ID and no Opportunity ID exists.

    Need to ID number of Opportunities in TblDealData.

    An opportunity would have the same: CustID, Start_Date, End_Date, Deal_Size_Min, Deal_Size_Max

    But Diff Trade_IDs

    Have tried a select query and group by each of the above and finanly got a Count on Deal_Size_Max but figs not correct

    Any ideas?


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    This should be relatively trivial assuming your database is set up correctly.

    You have a simple one to many relationship between oppotunities and deals right?

    So, based on what you stated in your OP, your table structure should have the following two tables:
    OpportunityID (auto, pk)
    CustID (fk)

    DealID (auto, pk)
    OpprtunityID (fk)
    TradeID (fk?)

    Along with table listing Clients, and possibly also Trades depending on exactly what is represented by the TadeID field.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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