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    Table Data Analysis

    So I am a new access user, but have a good amount of experience programming VBA in excel. I have a database for which I am trying to write some code to analyze data regarding fish movement.

    In one table I have a list of each fish in my study tagged with a unique numerical ID code.

    I have a system in the field where 12 different antennas are setup that can detect the presence of the fish when they pass the antenna location.

    What I want to do is count the number of paired detections for each fish. For example if we have a record of fish #1 passing antenna 1 and 2 then that is a single detection. Or if fish 1 passes antenna 6 and 8 that is a single detection.

    This would be somewhat easy to write in excel, but having trouble figuring out how this would be done in access. Specifically how I can reference table values from access and how to write the total count values to a new table.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I would look into a case statement in access. They can be a little tricky but they are pretty powerful.

    This is a great article on how to use them.

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