Hello Everyone......

I am facing above problem from last 2 months but I coldn't find out the solution....If anybody face this problem and work around it....help me.

I am using this application on my desktop which configured :
Windows XP SP3 ,MS Office 2007, 2 GB RAM and this is working fine with out problem.
But when I try to run this application on my Laptop which configured :
Windows 7 64 bit,MS Office 2007,3 GB RAM It show me error on startup.

Run-time error '2004':
There isn't enough memory to perform this operation.Close unneeded programs and try the operation again.
In Action Failed error box detain
> Macro Name : AutoExec
> Condition : True:[CurrentProject].[IsTrusted]=True
> Action Name : RunCode
> Agruments : runMain() > Error Number : 2950

I have lots of application loaded on my laptop and it is consuming averagely 1.94 GB RAM but thenever I have 1 GB free to run any operation.
when I start this application my ram In Use 2095 MB (2.6GB) thenever I have 868 MB standby and 17 MB free.
here my cached size is 891 MB and I have available 893 MB.

The macro performing Initialization in Main procedure which call during startup through AutoExec macro.

************************************************** *********************************
Public Sub initializeProject()

--> Set Objects(ProjectIndex) = New MainObject 'Error Line
With Objects(ProjectIndex)
.setObjectName "Project"
.setTableName ProjectTableName
.setMainObjectIndex ProjectIndex
.setIDColumn "ID"
.setPublishedColumn "Name"
.setColumnNamesSize 4

.setColumnNamesValue 0, "Des", "Description:"
.setColumnNamesValue 1, "FNm", "First Name:"
.setColumnNamesValue 2, "LNm", "Last Name:"
.setColumnNamesValue 3, "Nm", "Number:"
.setColumnNamesValue 4, "Dt", "Date:"

End With
End Sub

************************************************** ***************************************
Here Objects is
'Array of Main Objects, (see MainObject Class for detailed description), can be accessed from anywhere in Project
' Each Index within the array refers directly to a type of Main Object
Public Objects() As MainObject

Here MainObject is
'NAME: MainObject
'Purpose: Class Inherited from the logical-only class "Table". Any primary table within the application.
that exists as relevant records with columns and has relationships with with other primary objects.
The code contains properties of the Access table and indexes references for the Sub- and SuperOjects of the MainObject,
a FormGroup Object and contains/generates lists of data that are displayed on each type of form. It contains get and set
methods for each property as well as intermediary calls between the rest of the project and FormGroup methods.
Here ProjectIndex is
'TYPE: Enum
'NAME: ICMainObjectIndex
'Parameters: None
'Purpose: index for the main objets

Enum ICMainObjectIndex
SubIndex = 0
ModelIndex = 1
baseIndex = 2
ProjectIndex = 3
VisioIndex = 4
capIndex = 5
End Enum

The important thing is I am using here in application Visio,Excel,Word references to get on call.

I cann't understand how to solve this....please guid me in proper direction.....

Thanking u in advance.