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    help needed! for data entry form using date

    Iím looking for suggestions on the best way to achieve the following ;

    The database contains a single table to record daily sales data.
    One record per date is allowed Ė so the date field is set as the pk.

    The user wants to enter the sales data using form by selecting the date, (using the date picker as per the date control on the form - Access 2007)

    When the user selects a date using the date picker on the form there are two options;
    a) Data has already been recorded for the selected date Ė so the form should populate with the existing record Ė the user can edit the record if required.

    b) No Data has been recorded for the selected date Ė so the form should display a blank (new) record so the new data can be entered and saved for the selected date.

    I know i can easily make a form to display all of the records using the record selector but the user wants to use the date picker to select records.

    Iím not sure if the formís record source should be the table or a query based on the table ( should i be using a sub form?); ( VBA beginner level).

    Thanks for any suggestions/help.

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    One way to accomplish:

    Have an unbound date picker textbox to select date key value. Set form Filter property to: [date primary key fieldname] = Forms!formname!textboxname. Set FilterOnLoad property to Yes. Use AfterUpdate event of the textbox to run code to Requery the form after date selected in textbox. I would use VBA. Set the AfterUpdate property to [Event Procedure]. Double click the ellipses (...) to go to the VBA procedure. Type Me.Requery in the procedure.

    The date for the new record will have to be entered into a textbox bound to the field. Could set this box DefaultValue to: Date(). This will automatically record the current date into the field. If you want this field to take the date entered in the unbound textbox, will need more code in the AfterUpdate event:

    If IsNull(Me.datefieldname) Then Me.datefieldname = Me.textboxname
    How to attach file: To provide db: copy, remove confidential data, run compact & repair, zip w/Windows Compression.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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