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    Need to create a UI dynamic query builder

    I need to create a dynamic query builder UI for users who are not knowledgable in access (I have most of my ribbon controls hidden for users). I have attached a screen shot of an example I saw in another database. The "Form" combo-box lets you select from all the forms in the database. The "Fields" box lists all the fields in the form selected from the "Form" combo-box. When you click "Add to Selection Criteria" another form comes up (See "Selection Criteria" attachment). The "Operator" combo-box in the "Selection Criteria" section has some standard operator options (!=, =, <, >, LIKE).

    How would I create something like this?

    I know this is a HUGE question. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    If the only logical operator allowed is AND, this will not be difficult. If you want to allow OR as well as AND then can be VERY difficult (I have never even tried to incorporate OR in any UI search).
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