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    Converting Access database form onto a web page

    Hey, I have my access database set up and i have created a form how i want the web page to look like but i dont know how to get the info from Access onto a web space, can any one help me please?

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    See my post under "Forms"

    Does anyone use search on this forum? Seems like the same questions are asked often. If you use search, you may find your answer and therefore not need to post to a new thread.

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    i had actually looked through most of the posts to see if there was a similar question but i found none of them helped me so i thought id ask again.

    Iv managed to get the access database on a webpage by using visual studio is there any way i can change the layout of the table thats being displayed? I have the design in access as a form and would like it to look exactally the same on the web page, can i do this?

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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