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    mutiple joins

    I have never had the real need for complex joins like I do for this project

    here is my simple problem that is now complex due to the need for the joins

    Deals Table: seller1ID seller2ID Buyer1ID Buyer2ID

    all Buyers and sellers (and a few others) are in the Players Table which has
    a key field called ID

    so I need mutiple joins something like this:

    SELECT * FROM deals
    INNER JOIN Players ON deals.seller1 =
    INNER JOIN Players ON deals.buyer1 =
    INNER JOIN Players ON deals.seller2 =
    INNER JOIN Players ON deals.buyer2 =

    This is a web project using Access DB
    I am using VBscript in classic ASP

    Not that that make much difference
    in the syntax of the SQL - I have seen
    a few examples but I can't get anything to work

    This is a line of code that creates the SQL from my project it works
    but I need add the multiple joins.

    sql = "SELECT * FROM (deals INNER JOIN Players ON deals.seller1 = "

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    Do I understand this right?

    For every Deal you may have one or more Players?

    Every Player may be involved in one or more Deals?

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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