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    What's wrong with this expression

    Here is the expression I put in the "Field".0730: IIf(#7:30:00 AM#>=[TimeoffTable]![Starttime] And #7:30:00 AM#

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    Well, for starters you're missing the two other arguments required by an iif expression.

    An iif contains three arguments inside the brackets:
    1. The logical test followed by a comma
    2. The result to return if that test is true followed by a comma
    3. The result to return if that test is false

    So, from what I see in your post you have only the logical test component, and neither of the other required arguments, and you haven't even closed the bracket.

    Even worse, your logical test is either incomplete or very muddled. It's like you trail off in the middle of a sentence or something.

    Can you explain in english what exactly you want this field to return under what conditions?

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