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    Contact list in Sharepoint 2010


    First I would like to say that I am new here, so go easy on me please .

    Here is what I am trying to do...I need to create a form for a contact list that has several drop down boxes containing the contact names. Simple enough....

    Here is where I have a problem:
    This form must have 15 drop down boxes containing 15 names and I need for that contact list in the drop down box to rotate. Meaning, that when a user goes in to the sharepoint site and creates a new entry they are presented with the dropdown box with names in it. When they select a name I need for the next drop down box to show up with the next name in line. So it would be something like this:

    Box 1:

    So when a user selects "Brad", the next drop down box would look like this:

    Box 2:

    So the name at the top drops to the bottom when it has been selected.

    I also need for everyone to see the same box. So if user 1 comes in and selects "Brad", the next user would come in and see the name "Helen" at the top of the list.

    I am using Sharepoint 2010, Access and Infopath. I have been searching for a way to do this for about the past 3 weeks. Can anyone tell me if this is at all possible?

    Thank you,

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    one approach; you need 14 tables - one for each of the other comboboxes...and this table must have a column for fixed order and temp order something like this:

    Name Fixed Temp
    Brad A A
    Helen B B
    Kevin C C
    Amanda D D

    then when combobox 1 is selected, let's say Helen - you must trigger an update query of table 2 that results in:

    Name Fixed Temp
    Brad A A
    Helen B Z
    Kevin C C
    Amanda D D

    The combobox2 of course must be ordereed by the temp column and refreshed. Quite tricky overall. I hope this is worth it.

    I am presuming you are using Access as your front end and that the back end is located on sharepoint - and that everyone is on the same LAN. so that essentially it is a generic Access client/server implementation....

    If you are instead talking about web forms and sharepoint Access services - then I question whether this can be implemented or not. Cascading comboboxes can be implemented but I just haven't had reason to date to consider something along these lines and so am not sure...

    hope this helps a little.

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