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    Two forms: same VBA script, different result on click

    I created a database that serves as a workflow for some of our employees. It has been working fine for a long time, but now there is an issue.

    Each employee has their own form. All the forms are identical in appearance and function. The only difference is that the forms are based on queries that pull issues only for that specific employee.

    One of the employees now receives an error message when she clicks on any of the macros or calendar pop-up buttons.

    It reads:

    The expression On Click you entered produced the following error: A problem occurred while Microsoft Office Access was communicating with the OLE server or ActiveX Control.

    It doesn't do this on any of the other forms, even though they have the exact same VBA script.

    Anyone know how to fix? Anyone run into this before?

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    No one? I mean... 65+ views and not one of you has run into this before? I find that hard to believe... Come on folks, PLEASE help me out

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    Have you tried Compact and Repair? How about importing into a new db?

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