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    Comparing records using forms, reports or queries


    New user here and I have tried researching my problem but cant seem to get an answer.

    I have a tank of gasoline which I need to monitor the sales from. I need a report at the end of the month showing how much I am short or over in gallons on a daily basis. I would also need the total over/short for the whole month (ie the summation of the daily over/short).

    I have a table called Canoga. It has the following columns:
    Date Volume Sales
    10/1/11 600 80
    10/2/11 540 70

    10/3/11 500 25
    and so on

    The volume is the closing volume at the end of the day.
    So beginning with 10/2/11 I need a report showing the above data plus an over/short column.
    For 10/2/11 it would say -10 (=600-540-70)
    For 10/3/11 it would say +15 (=540-500-25)

    So far the approach I tried is using dlookup in a textbox and pulling the previous days volume by matching the dates minus 1

    Please help, I've gone all over the internet looking for an answer but had no luck.

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    You want to calculate consecutive records. This means a self-join of Canoga table. Try:

    SELECT Canoga.[Date], Canoga.Volume, Canoga_1.Volume, Canoga_1.Sales, [Canoga].[Volume]-[Canoga_1].[Volume]-[Canoga_1].[Sales] AS OverShort
    FROM (Select [Date]-1 As PrevDate, Volume, Sales FROM Canoga) AS Canoga_1 INNER JOIN Canoga ON Canoga_1.PrevDate = Canoga.[Date];

    This requires no gaps in date. If gaps are possible, need another unique ID that can be relied on for no gaps to use as join keys.

    BTW, Date is a reserved in VBA and Access. Should not use reserved words as names. Better would be DateRead. Also, no space, punctuation (underscore is exception), or special characters.
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    Thanks for your help, working like a charm!

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