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    Recreate Word document in Access Report

    I have the following Word document that is used by a department of ours. They would like the document to have the upper section automatically filled in from a database for our vehicles.

    Originally I showed them a mail merge between the original Word document and the output of a query. Unfortunately that seemed too labour intensive.

    My latest thought was to have a table where they could enter the form name and have that linked to several records in another table that would contain each individual item number. This way they could maintain the items for themselves without having to get an Access designer to rework the report.

    I have prototyped this and am kind of happy when using a report/subreport setup. However I was wondering how I might duplicate the effect or layout that looks like a Word table in the Access Report.

    I can do it by putting a border around each field and nudging them up against each other. However as soon as the description for one item becomes more than one line it all looks out of wack.

    If anybody can give me an example or ideas on how to duplicate this I would appreciate it. My main objective is to design it once and then allow them the power to add/delete items as needed, change the Note info, etc.

    I should add that we are using Access 2003.
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    Is the textbox CanGrow property set to No? If the textbox isn't wide enough, the data will be cut off.

    Reports don't have a Datasheet view like forms. So option is the one you have tried or to have a subform/report control on the report use a form set to Datasheet as SourceObject.
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    Solved this by using a subreport in a report with some finite design work to have fields butted up against each other with the borders turned on to make it look like a table.

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