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    Form with multiple subforms, many prompts

    Hi everybody, hopefully I am explaining this correctly. Might have gotten myself in over my head, haha. I have a form with 3 subforms in it. My main form and all of my subforms are based on a query which prompts the user to enter a Customer Id. When I open the form I of course get 4 prompts to re-enter the Customer Id while it populates each form. I know I could display all the date on one big form without using subforms but to properly organize it I like the tabbed subforms. Is there an easier way to do this so it only prompts for the customer ID once? Thanks!
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    I have a similar situation.

    My main form is opened with a key field supplied, e.g. account number. The account number and other basic information appears on the main form. The subforms each have queries that reference the account number on the main form. The most difficult part of this is getting the syntax correct on the references.
    Also...I haven't tried just opening the main form and having it ask for an account number. It may be that having the account number available when the main form opens (the 'open' event) is necessary to prevent the subforms from asking .
    Try it and let me know if it works. If not I'll try to duplicate your setup.

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    Thanks for the info. I created new subform queries based on the customerID in my main form and it works! It asks for the initial customerID and then the subforms load by themselves. Quick and easy fix, thanks for saving my brain the trouble haha.

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