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    Coding newbie

    I found this code for the AfterUpdate field on a report so that I can pull up the record relating to the Primary Key that was entered.

    Here is the link:

    here is the code:

    '****** Code Start *********
    'Move to the record selected in the control
    Me.RecordsetClone.Findfirst "[ID] = " & Me![ComboOrListboxName]
    Me.Bookmark = Me.RecordSetClone.Bookmark
    '******* Code End *********

    Unfortunately I'm still such a beginner when it comes to code, I don't know how to translate this to my database.

    So, the report is based on the table Participants. The primary key field is AppID. AppID is a Combo box.

    I want to enter in the AppID and if it matches a record, pull up that record. If it doesn't match, allow a new record to be created.

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    The example is code for a form not a report.

    Use the AfterUpdate event of combobox on form. With form in design view, select the combobox, go to the Events tab of the properties dialog, select [Event Procedure] in the AfterUpdate property, double click the ellipses (...) to open the VBA editor. You will be in the procedure, type the code there.
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    I found this code for the AfterUpdate field on a report
    There is no 'after update' event in a report. The event may be available to you but nothing is updated in a report. Are you talking about the after update event of a FORM?

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