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    Append Query to append to a table in different database

    I have 10 databases, each with the exact same query. I am needing to compile this data into excel for a vendor. I was thinking instead of having one massive spreadsheet with 10 individual queries, to run an append query in 9 of those databases and append all records to one "master" table and then from that table run one query!

    My problem, I do not know how to append records to a table in a different database... Can someone please explain how to do this???

    Also, if this is a crazy thought that I have, and there is an easier way to do what I need to accomplish let me know that as well.

    Thanks Guys!!

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    In your "Master" database create your make table query, and go ahead and run that so the table exists. In each of your subsequent databases, open the query in design view, and select an append query, and select the bullet for "Another Database." Enter the full path for this database "N:\Testing\1234\1234.mdb" and then from the drop down menu choose the table name that you are wanting to append to.

    Note: If you entered the path for the source database properly, you will be able to look at all of the tables in the source database from the drop down menu.

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