I am trying to migrate the whole Ms-Access2003 database to SQL serever 2005. I am doing this by using MS-Access *.adp project which contains the references of SQL server table and Quries.

When I am modifying the table in SQL server2005 that reflaction appears in *.adp project properly but when I am doing the same thing in Ms- Access project i.e. *.adp . It shows warning "The version of Microsoft Office Access doesn't support design change with version of Microsoft SQL Server your Access project is connected to. See Microsoft Office update website for latest information and download(on the help menu, click office on the web). Your design will not be saved.

And also I am not able to save the changes done in access project.
I am also getting another warning like
"You have connected to a version of SQL Server later than SQL Server 2000. The version of Visual Studio or Access that you are using wasd released before the version of SQL server to which you are connected. For this reason, you might encounter problem.

..... some more line.........
.... ... some more line...."

Is there is any way to create /alter the table using Ms-Access Project using *.adp file that changes should be saved in the SQL server.

I have tried this with the Access2007 project also with tool (SSMA 2005 for Access v4.0 but didn't make any good progress.

Waiting for a best possible solution.