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    Compile error: code or function not defined

    I keep getting Compile error: code or function not defined. can someone review this code and tell me what is wrong
    The arrow is pointing to error being in Public sub open command

    Option Compare Database

    Option Explicit

    Public Sub OpenAppointmentForm(vTime As Date, vOffset As Long)

    'Opens Appointment form
    'Entry (vTime) = Time slot for selected row (06:30, 07:00, etc)
    ' (vOffSet) = No of days offset from Sunday (Sun = 0, Mon = 1, Tue = 2, etc)
    'Exit Appointment form displayed

    Dim vDateTime As Date

    vDateTime = Parent!txtDate & " " & vTime 'and fetch date and time of selected slot
    DoCmd.OpenForm "frmAppointment", , , , , acDialog, vDateTime + vOffset _
    & "," & Parent!cboCustomerId 'open frmAppointment form to add or amend appointment
    If gDummy = 0 Then Exit Sub 'abort if user cancels
    ShowAppointments Parent.cboCustomerId, Parent.txtDate 'refresh display if user changes an appt

    End Sub

    Private Sub Day1_Click()
    OpenAppointmentForm Me.TimeSlot, 0
    End Sub

    Private Sub Day2_Click()
    OpenAppointmentForm Me.TimeSlot, 1
    End Sub

    Private Sub Day3_Click()
    OpenAppointmentForm Me.TimeSlot, 2
    End Sub

    Private Sub Day4_Click()
    OpenAppointmentForm Me.TimeSlot, 3
    End Sub

    Private Sub Day5_Click()
    OpenAppointmentForm Me.TimeSlot, 4
    End Sub

    Private Sub Day6_Click()
    OpenAppointmentForm Me.TimeSlot, 5
    End Sub

    Private Sub Day7_Click()
    OpenAppointmentForm Me.TimeSlot, 6
    End Sub

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    Try putting your OpenArgs argument in a String Variable first and the use a MsgBox to display it so you can see what your are getting.
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