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    Question Quick Question about Subform

    This is my first post so if I say something out of the ordinary or you need more info please forgive me.

    I am creating a database for a small company. This is actually a school project, but we had to find a real world business that could benefit from a simple database and I am build a CRM database, using Access 2010, to track customer orders and the such. That is a little background so on to the actual question...

    I am wondering how I should go about creating the orders subform on my customer order form. Is it wrong to just drag the table with all the information i need in the subform, or should I create a form from that table and then use that? It seems like it would be redundant to create an actual form to use as a subform as opposed to just dragging the table over.

    Hopefully this hasn't been to confusing. I'm brand new to this and want to do a good job and get a good grade, but I also don't want to handover a garbage database to a company since they are saying they want to pay me for it.

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    I am not a fan of using the datasheet view for subforms, I always design my own, but really, it depends on what your customer wants. If they are happy with a datasheet view there is nothing wrong with creating your subform that way. Just make sure to follow normalization rules

    you should have a customer table, an order table and an order detail table and likely an items or services table possibly with costs that you can inherit but change if need be.

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    Thanks so much for the reply. I like the data sheet view because it allows me to see each item that was assigned to the order as opposed to having to go through a different form to see the different items. Again thanks for the response, and I'm sure you will be hearing lots of questions from me in the future.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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