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    How to avoid updating linked tables every time


    I have an Access 2003 application with some linked tables which are configured to use an ODBC datasource.

    When I wanted to run this application on my PC the first time, I created the odbc data source on my machine and updated all tables to use this data source. The problem is that I have to do this every time I start the application.

    How can I do this one time, and make the application remember it?

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    When you're selecting the tables to link to from the list, there is a checkbox on the bottom right hand corner that says "remember password." Check that box.

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    No checkbox

    No, I can't see any checkbox. I am using Access 2003, and when i relink my tables, I rightclick one table, choose linked table manager and select the tables I want to update. Then, I choose "always prompt for new location" and click ok. Then I choose the datasource, type the password, and all tables are refreshed. There is no checkbox...
    I don't think the password is the issue. It just doesn't remember my datasource...

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