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    XML Parsing Error

    I have upgraded from MS Access 2007, to MS Access 2010 (64bit). I have a query that parses some data as follows:

    I&C AC: IIf([FC2]>50000,Left([Activity Category],1) & "b",[Activity Category]).

    When creating a Pivot table or a Pivot chart based on this query, I get the following error:
    XML parsing failed at line 1, column #, Semicolon expected.. The following system error occurred:. XML parsing failed at line one, column #: The name in the end tag of the element must match the element type in the start tag..

    The pivot tables work fine in the 2007 version, but seem to break in the 2010 version. Does anyone have any ideas of why this is a problem or how to fix the problem?

    Any assistance is appreciated.


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    hmmm...advanced question. start here:

    as you can see from the results, it probably doesn't happen often, as this page is the first answer from google's math.

    Tell us if you get any useful info there.

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    Parsing failed at line 1

    Hi there,
    I do have the same problem than pb45102. I use Access 2010 32 bits. Have you solved this problem? I've been stuck with that issue for several weeks now.

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