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    Importing new time for header and update report

    Hi there, Im a newbie at this, i have a database importing a csv file every 15mins, I am using a loadtime update to query the time updated.

    I have created a cross query table and i have all the figures i need, i can create an auto report from this and create all the calculations on the form.

    But when i update the database with new info, the heading adds to my query but the report will not open, and it doesnt recognise the links, (ie the time was 9.15 9.30, etc and now i require it adds 9.45 and 10.00 etc through the day

    I would appreciate it if somecould advise how i can make it that the report updates including the new times and data ????


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    In your crosstab query, check the ColumnHeadings property for your Column Heading field. Make sure that there are entries for all of your time intervals. Then, once you have done that, go back to your report, and pick up any columns that were missing. (Or start over with the Report Wizard, if that's easier.)

    Bottom line: for a report based off of a crosstab query to work correctly, you need to define fixed column headings in the crosstab query.

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    Thanks for the reply, much appreciated

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