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    Security icon created on desktop !!!

    Dear All particularly Mathew

    I got a problem. I used security wizard which created a short cut on desktop. Now Is it possible that any other user on the same network can run it? I copied the shortcut and past it on other user of same network and when that user run the shortcut it dosn't. How to start this shortcut on other user desktop? and how many user run the same shortcut at a time?



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    Just copying the shortcut is not enough.

    The shortcut encodes the location of the front-end file, the location of the Access.exe, and the location of the workgroup file. So, figure out where your user has the FE and the workgroup file (it's OK to share a workgroup file) and configure the shortcut using these rules (basically emulating a command-line opening:

    I cannot say it often enough: security in Access is more troublesome than it is worth. If you really need security for your app, consider migrating to SQL Server or MySQL.


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