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    Simple Select Query not retrieving results the meet criteria

    Hi Guys

    I have been trying to retreive data from a table that meets the criteria that I have put in but I am getting everything from the table even stuff that does not meet the criteria. The query is below

    SELECT tblPOCommittment.responsibility, tblPOCommittment.authsdDate, tblPOCommittment.supplierNo, tblPOCommittment.preqNumber, tblPOCommittment.preqItemNumber, tblPOCommittment.poNumber, tblPOCommittment.poItemNumber, tblPOCommittment.itemDescription, tblPOCommittment.cmsFacility, tblPOCommittment.cmsCommodity, tblPOCommittment.carNumber, tblPOCommittment.PoQty, tblPOCommittment.PoAmount, tblPOCommittment.packageName, tblPOCommittment.ContractorVendorName, tblPOCommittment.PhaseCode, tblPOCommittment.PaymentType, tblPOCommittment.UnitofMeasure, tblPOCommittment.TermsNotes, tblPOCommittment.RevisionNumber
    FROM tblPOCommittment
    WHERE (((tblPOCommittment.cmsFacility) Is Not Null)) OR (((tblPOCommittment.cmsCommodity) Is Not Null)) OR (((tblPOCommittment.carNumber) Is Not Null)) OR (((tblPOCommittment.cmsFacility) Not Like "N*")) OR (((tblPOCommittment.cmsCommodity) Not Like "N*")) OR (((tblPOCommittment.carNumber) Not Like "N*")) OR (((tblPOCommittment.cmsFacility) Not Like "")) OR (((tblPOCommittment.cmsCommodity) Not Like "")) OR (((tblPOCommittment.carNumber) Not Like ""));

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    can you just attach the database file that you created so I can check it out.

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    Do it with several queries that each use the previous query. Start trimming down your selection with each query.

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