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    Combining TIFs into a single TIF or PDF in Access 2010

    Is there a way in Access 2010 to combine tif files into a single tif or pdf file (either output is fine) using VBA? I was using the Microsoft Office Document Imaging Library, but Microsoft has stopped supporting this for 2010 and I'd like to keep moving forward as opposed to installing older software on computers.

    I was able to get by just using the Create, Add, and Saveas functions, so it's very basic functionality I need. I just don't know which library to use.


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    From this article it should still be available in the version of Access in your profile. If you've upgraded to 2010 there are some suggestions on this thread as well, one of which is to install the components again :P.

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    I currently still have Access 2007, but that's only because I'm waiting for upgrade to come through from IT. Other people in the organization already have 2010 and we are noticing incompatibilities during testing.

    The Black Ice product looks like it might work. I was hoping for a solution using some library that already came with Access, but if that doesn't exist, this could be the way to go.

    Thank you.

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