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    Calculation error

    Dear All

    I'm using some calculation in my form but the result varies a little as compare to physical calculation by calculator. Sample file is attached.

    The value of "per consumer capital cost" is 1672630 of feasibility no 9 but calculating by calculator it comes 1672636. similarly others feasibilities have difference in value.

    Please help to solve the problem.



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    After I had scrutinized carefully your calculation in the access form, I found that
    your access file calculation is correct.

    You mistakenly format your total cost as integer.
    In fact, the true figure is not 73.6
    It is 73.59574.

    So the unit cost is 73.59574/44 = 1.67263
    The figure 1.67263*1000000 = 1627630
    That is exactly the value given by access of "per consumer capital cost"

    Usually, the common so-called error is in fact due to our carelessness of rounding and formating.

    The other cause for the error may be due to the precision level difference of your calculator (which brand?) and the access. In fact, the error is only marginal - after 6 decimal places.
    You amplify the difference by multiplying 1000000 on it.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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