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    Creating Backup of Tables/Database


    Not sure where this question must be posted! I would like to create code in VBA to backup tables in access. I am not sure where to begin, but what I would like to do is the following:

    When the user signs in I want to backup the database/tables

    When the user sign off I want to back up the database/tables.

    Could someone please help.


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    Searching the whole day yesterday, I stumbled on some backup code in vba and it works great, however, I cannot find any restore code in vba to restore the database from the backup taken. As I would like the users to be in control of this package, they should be in a position to restore the database, as they themselve create the backup.

    Your help is much appreciated.


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    This depends on how you're doing the backup. If I want to backup the mdb or accdb which has the backend tables, I'll use the FileSystemObject to just make a copy of the mdb or accdb file.


    Restoring gets a little tricky if you have the backend in a separate mdb/accdb file since you most likely need to refresh the linked tables in the frontend after 'restoring' or copying/pasting the mdb/accdb which has the backend tables. If the backend/frontend are the same, you may want to consider creating a vb script to do the backup/restore (put the coding in the link above into a vb script file) and have them execute that or you can make it so it runs the vb script itself via a button on the form.

    See: to run a vb script in vba coding (just change it from a word document to instead open your vb script instead.)

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