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    Beginner trying to send email with attachment

    I'm a beginner and I've created a database with great difficulty.

    It's the list of a ton of clients, in various areas. The idea is to call each one, ask if they would like an e-mail brochure, press a button on the form and have access automatically send them a pdf file.

    I don't know anything about macros, and have only really started using access now, I've forgotten the stuff I was taught at college and uni.

    How would I get access to do this?

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    Access is only a database handler.
    It cannot send email or send file by itself.
    You must know vba to do things beyond what access can do.

    BTW: Instead you can email to your client and with a hyperlink on the message giving them the required pdf.

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    thhui input is true. if you still would like to research code on how to send email via ms access, you can research it on you just need to self-study.

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