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    IIF Expression - No Repeat Please

    I have a query where field 1 is grouped by Exch_Name and where the Exch_Name field is taken from query [Time - Data].

    Field 2 uses this IIF expression:

    IIf([TIME - DATA!Exch_Name]=[TIME 00-01 COUNT]![Exch_Name],[TIME 00-01 COUNT]![CountOfExch_Name],"0")

    My goal is to keep the group of Exch_Name the same in field 1 no matter what and for field 2 to populate only if there is a number present from [Time 00-01 Count].

    The result right now is this:

    Name-1 | 0
    Name-2 | 0
    Name-2 | 1
    Name-3 | 0

    Because it found a number for Name-2 from [TIME 00-01 COUNT]![CountOfExch_Name] it added another Name-2 below the original group listing from field 1 and put the counts. How can I get the expression to not repeat if it found a number?

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    make the query an aggregate query (click the SIGMA button in the query design view) in the totals line make sure your first field is GROUP BY and your second field is MAX. Then it will only display the maximum value which will give you this result:

    Name-1 | 0
    Name-2 | 1
    Name-3 | 0

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    I actually just figured that out then noticed I had a response to my question and BAM! it was exactly what I had done. It works! MAX was the key.

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