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    Trouble printing labels (data from Access) in Word

    Hi! I have a friend who uses Access, and she's having trouble creating labels in the 2007 version. She didn't have trouble in the 2003 version, so she's not sure what she's doing wrong. I'm more "forum"-savvy than she is, so I said I'd sign up here and field potential solutions for her.

    I'm pretty sure she's using WinXP. Here's how she phrases her problem:

    "I create a database table in Access 2007. When I import the data into the mailing label template in Word, <div> and </div> tags are inserted into the address information. What am I doing wrong that these insertions show up?"

    THANKS for any pointers on how to help her!

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    Might have something to do with RTF (Rich Text Formatting). Is the data from a Memo datatype field set to RichText format? I dealt with another issue concerning RTF and the <div></div> tags were associated with RTF. No idea why 2007 would handle differently than 2003. Is the code for this merge in VBA behind Word? As alternative, could possibly print labels from within Access.
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    Thanks.... I've copied and pasted your response in an email to her and am waiting for her to get back to me. I think I suggested printing directly from Access to her ... but I don't recall what she said, so I'll wait and see what she says.

    Apologies for being a middleman here, but I'm the forum-savvy one of the two of us, and I'm online a lot more than she is, so I offered to find a good place online to ask her question for her.

    Thanks for the fast response so far!

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